Prepaid packages

Create packages to sell flight hour blocks and offer special prices

Once you have created your billing rates and packages, you can easily attach new package purchases to your pilots or customers.

In each pilot profile page, within the billing tab, you will find a Prepaid package box.

Here, you will be able to add new packages to the pilot, and view the existing ones.

To view the details of any package, just click on the name, and a new window will open with the package purchase details, as well as, the expenses billed with this package.

Every time that a flight is automatically billed, Flylogs will first check if the pilot has a valid package for that type of flight and aircraft. If so, the bill will be first deducted from valid packages, and if no enought credit available, the outstanding balance will be removed from the pilot´s balance.

Manually billing using packages

If your customer has a valid Prepaid Package available, the billing window will display a checkbox to use it. If you decide to bill using packages, Flylogs will hide and disable the hourly rate input as well as any othe extra expese input.

This is because Flylogs automatizes the usage of packages in order to apply the correct billing rate.

Edit or delete a bill

With packages, you can still edit or delete a bill like you would normally do. If your decide to edit and manually imput the amounts, no packages will be used and the bill amount will be deducted from your customer´s balance.

If you click on an existing bill, Flylogs will show you the following warning message:

Automatic Invoice generation

When a new bill is created, an automatic invoice is generated. Flylogs generates an invoice that includes your company details and logo, as well as the customers information.

The receipt will have a consecutive number starting from 1 on every January 1st.

On the bottom part of the receipt, you will find the tax included if any, and the usage of the Prepaid packages.

Customizing the paying customer

A flight can be paid by someone else other than the crew. Flylogs allows you to charge the flight expenses to third party, both using prepaid packages or due balance to a client's account. The only limitation, is that the bill and the payment using packages has to be the same client. So you can not have half a flight paid with a package by client A, and the owed balance paid by a second client B.

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