Company Settings

Setup Flylogs behavior and flight data storage characteristics

Flylogs allows you to customize how your data is managed and what limits you want to enforce within your organization.

Among the all the options, you can:

  • enable and disable Flylogs features,

  • manage flight permissions for each user type,

  • block logbook changes in the past,

  • change flight document retention policies and

  • customize pilot duty time limitations.

You can customize all this settings from your Company Settings page.

You can customize which profiles can create flights, confirm them or edit and delete them once they are on the logbooks.

Additionally, to enhance the security in shared office computers, the last checkbox "Require user Password to confirm flights into logbooks" enables a second validation step by asking for the user´s password in order to confirm the flights.

Pilot flight duty time limitations

Flylogs can be a great help to track flight time and duty time limitations.

Flylogs scheduling tool will alert your roster manager when creating the flight schedule if any slot does not comply with your legal requirements.

On top of that, our servers run daily background checks on all the flight time stored in our database and triggers alarms if any of your setup limits are reached.

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