Teacher evaluations

Once a class or exam is scheduled, the assigned teacher gains access to manage the event. Here’s what teachers can do:

For classes:

  • Add documents or files for the class

  • Comment on and answer students' questions

  • View and update the student list

  • Record class attendance

For exams:

  • Record attendance

  • View and update the student list

  • Enter exam grades

  • Comment on and answer students' questions

The class teacher or any company manager can enter this data. The teacher is limited to 4 hours before the class and 2 days after it happens. Before or after this period, only company managers (training manager, operations manager...) can modify attendance or exam results.

Once attendance or exam results are recorded, they are stored in each student's training record. Managers can then access all attendance and exam records, along with a summary showing the percentage of attendance for the entire training program or per subject.

This information is also available to the student and is included in full detail in the training report that Flylogs creates for each student.

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