FAQ pilots and students

I did not receive the welcome email to access Flylogs.

Contact your company training manager in order to create your account. - Do not try to sign up your self - Make sure they have your email address properly spelled so you can receive the welcome email.

I can not remember the right password for my account.

First, make sure you are typing your email and password correctly. Check the welcome email, see that the email you are using is the same.

If still the password does not work, use the Password recovery procedure here: https://www.flylogs.com/users/password_recover/

I get an account deactivated messaged when I try to login.

Your account has been deactivated by your company trainings manager, get in contact with them to sort it out if you think that it may be a mistake.

When your account gets deactivated, you are still able to login to view your data. You will not be able to interact, fly or send messages to other users.

I published my availability but I did not get scheduled for flight.

This may depend on many factors. But make sure your availability is published on time, and also, make sure it is generous enough.

Make sure you have your medical certificate up to date and uploaded to Flylogs.

If you have any issues connecting to the website or you want to suggest improvements, you may contact with our support team here.

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