Edit a training

Change training properties, edit subjects and manage exams

Training management has been designed to be easy for anybody with little to none technical knowledge.

Main options in the training settings include the following:

  • Name of training

  • Type of training, (Onsite, remote or distance learning)

  • Activate/deactivate the training, and method of flight mission evaluation,

  • Activate flight missions,

  • Training availability and validity dates for expiration,

  • Student announcements,

  • Training description and syllabus details,

  • and subjects.

All this training settings can be modified at any time and will change the settings for all trainees signed up in the course.

Flight Missions

Activating the Flight training checkbox, you will have the option to create a list of flight missions with exercises for the current training course.

Training availability and validity

Training availability sets a timeframe when the training course will be open to students enrolled in the course. You can define either the start date or the end date or both.

Training validity defines until when the training endorsement is valid (after training completion). It works like an expiration period for the training endorsement in the pilot profile page.

Example of pilot valid and expired training endorsements:

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