Student management

Learn how to add and manage students

Flylogs training allows any existing user in your company to be enrolled as a student. This means that any staff member, technical personnel, client, or student can be enrolled in a training program of your choice.

To get started, go to the "Trainings" menu tab and click on "STUDENTS." On this page, you'll see the students currently enrolled in the selected training. You can choose any of your trainings, and the list will update to display all existing students and their progress.

Enrolling new students

First, you'll need to add your students to one of your courses. To do this, click on the blue button labeled "Enroll students" in the top right corner. A small pop-up window will appear. In this window, you can choose students individually, or you can enroll an entire pilot group at once. We recommend creating pilot groups for each academic year and adding them in batches. This will make management easier, especially when you have multiple classes to oversee in the future.

Select the training in which you want to enroll the user(s). Additionally, you have the option to choose a tutor for the newly enrolled users or set a finish-by date if desired.

Students report page

Once you've enrolled at least one student, the current page will show a report detailing the progress of students enrolled in the selected training. This report, similar to the one in the screenshot below, provides essential information for tracking student progress. It includes details such as progress in theory learning lessons, flight training mission progress, attendance records, and the date of the last flight, if applicable.

Student training progress page

You'll find a comprehensive training progress report page for each of your students. This page, as shown in the screenshot below, details progress and attendance in ground school lessons, exams, and flight missions. Additionally, it offers basic analytics to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Clicking on any of your students will open the complete progress report for that student in the selected training. Keep in mind that if a student is enrolled in more than one training, they will have a separate training report page for each training they are enrolled in.

These training reports for the student can also be accessed from the pilot profile page in the Trainings box.

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