Base management

Manage different flying locations from a single place

Create and manage multiple flying locations with Flylogs Premium.

Our Base Management system, integrates deeply within the flight logbooks, aircraft management and scheduling system.

Bases provide separation for better organization of:

  • Flights,

  • aircraft,

  • crew,

  • mechanics,

  • events,

  • news and

  • schedules.

Bases can have also separate documents and even a small comments section for news related to the specific location.

Creating Bases

Flylogs Premium accounts can create as many bases as needed.

Each base, must be assigned to a physical airport, but you can have more than one base in the same airport.

If your Premium subscription or Trial ends, your bases will not be removed, but you will only be able to use one.

Flylogs will never delete any of your data if your account remains actively being used.

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