Pilot currency checks

Flylogs aims to give you the safety and compliance tools you need for your daily operations. This tools should be easy and accesible without much trouble. For that reason, we have placed the typical pilot currency checker by default in the pilot profile page, to be visible effortless.

Every pilot profile page has a small widget on the left side, with the amount of flight hours, duty times and currency checker below.

This currency checker is just a total time and landings counter performed by this pilot in the time ranges you define.

You will always see number number of BLOCK TIME HOURS and landings/approaches performed as PIC, COPIC or DUAL in the following environments:

  • VFR flights

  • IFR flights

  • Night

Currency Configuration

Accessing your company settings with a Company Manager account, you will find the Pilot Currency Configuration parameters that allow you to enter the desired number of days.

By default the system will be set for 30 and 90 days as it is the most common requirement.

Change the number of days and it will automatically be applied. Now if you navigate to any pilot, the new currency check days will be displayed.

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