Document Library

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Flylogs Company Document Library is an embedded system into your Flylogs Free account that enables you to store your company manuals and other document or files to share them with other company members.

The main features of the system are:

  • Group level access privileges

  • File version control

  • Download registry

  • File comments

  • File folders

Group Level access privileges

For each document you publish, you can choose which user groups can access the file.

You can choose one or many user groups based on your needs.

File version control

Each time you update any of your published documents, you can publish the new version. Flylogs will keep old versions hidden but still available for you in the future.

Every new version you publish, will renew the process by which each member needs to download the file again.

It will also empty the file comments if any and clear the download registry for new version.

Download registry

You can see who has downloaded each version of each document along with IP info and date.

File comments

If enabled this allows authorized users to the current file to comment on it.

Comments will rotate with new versions of the file.

Comments can be disabled for Documents on the company settings page.

File folders

For a better organization, you can create as many folders as needed for your documents.

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