Getting Started - Pilots

What to Expect

Once you log in as a pilot or student, you will see your Cockpit Dashboard. Flylogs stores your academic information, trainings, flight history and flight availability in a single place, so you can easily manage your information from your computer or smartphone.

To access your information, you first need to be invited by your company to join Flylogs. You should have received an email to access the system, create your password and complete your profile.

The Interface

Flylogs has a user friendly interface, which adapts to any device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

On the left-hand side, you will find your MAIN MENU with these 6 elements:

• Cockpit • My Profile • Schedule • Trainings • Flights • Documents

You may not be able to see all of these options. This is normal, as they depend on your company settings.


The Cockpit is your homepage and dashboard. It provides an overview of all your information, including your upcoming flights, lessons etc.

At the bottom of this page, you will find news published by your organization. Make sure to read them, just in case there is anything you need to take note of or sign.

My Profile

Here, you will find all your personal information, flight history and trainings.

Please, make sure that your personal information is up to date. You will also be required to upload your Medical Certificate and other licenses required.

To do so, click the Add a Certificate button on the My Certificates box and fill in the form.

Flylogs will remind you (via email) to renew your certificates 90 days before they expire. Once a certificate is renewed, do not forget to upload the new version as otherwise you may not be able to fly.


This section allows you to manage your schedule and flight availability.

Make sure to publish your flight availability well in advance, so your flights can be scheduled in a timely manner.

Note that all flight schedule records are stored with a time stamp, so the roster manager knows when you published your availability.

To do so, click the Publish my availability button.

You can synchronize your Flylogs schedule with your calendar, such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook.

To indicate when you are available to fly, simply drag and drop your mouse over the calendar. If you are using a mobile device, tap and hold your finger down to create an availability block.

You can publish your availability on a regular basis (for example every week, month etc.), but you can also publish it for as many days in the future as you wish.

If you are fully committed to flying, you can activate the I am Always Available switch.

Once the schedule is published, you will receive an email with all your flights for the following period.

On the schedules page, you will see your upcoming flights. Click on each flight to confirm that you will fly.


In this section you will find all the training courses in which you are enrolled, your progress and upcoming classes.

Your upcoming classes will appear in your calendar, alongside your scheduled flights. Teachers will have the option to publish documents related to each lesson and you can find them in this section and download them.

Your class attendance and exam records will be published here and attached to your training history.


All your flights will appear in this list, you can review all flight information and download your flight logbook in XLS spreadsheet format.

If you navigate to your profile page, you will find your logbook totals divided by flight type (VFR, IFR, PIC, Dual...).


Here you will find company documents that have been shared with you.

Flylogs keeps track of which documents you have downloaded, so make sure you read the ones you are required to familiarize yourself with.

Keep in mind that from time to time, some of these documents may be updated or replaced with a new version.

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