Flight audit and reporting


You may download all of your flight information in a logbook format, with the option to filter by dates, aircraft, crew, or type of flight.

The downloaded XLS Excel Spreadsheet will have the standard logbook format and can be downloaded from the following pages:

  • Flights page

  • Pilot profile pages

  • Aircraft details pages

Audit tool

To have a better understanding of your flight data, Flylogs has created a powerfull filtering page, in which you can view flights by:

  • Date of confirmation

  • Date of flight

  • Date of last changes

Additional filters, allow you to get closer to your goal by filtering the following:

  • Crew

  • User that created the flight

  • FI that supervised the flight

  • Aircraft

  • Flight type

  • Base

The results display a summary of flight time, landing, aircraft and crew. Then, a complete list of all the flights is displayed alogn with some summary charts for better understanding of the search results:

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