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User Login

Learn how to access your Flylogs account


Login to Flylogs occurs like in any other website. In order to do so, you need an account that only company Managers can create. If you already have a Flylogs account, go to and user your account details to login.
You can not create your own pilot account. Your company needs to create it for you. When this happens, you will receive the email invitation to access.
For each login, your IP address, location and time will be saved to your company history for your own security. This information is not reviewed by Flylogs or your company, it is only stored for your information and usage as needed.

Welcome Email

Your company manager will create your pilot account for you with your email address. When this happens, you will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions to login.
On your first login, you will be asked to create your account password.
If you did not receive the confirmation email, check your spam folder for emails from [email protected]. Otherwise, contact your company manager or CTKI; or follow the Password Recovery procedure described below.

Forgotten password recovery procedure

If you forget your password, go to the login page and on the lower part of the white box, click the link: Recover my password
Enter your email address, and if it is in the database, you will receive a password recovery email.
In case you do not receive the email, check that you entered the correct email address. Take a look at your SPAM folder and as a last option, contact your company manager or CTKI for help and guidance.

Multiple company accounts

If the same email address (user) exists in more than one Flylogs company, the user will have the option to choose which company to operate on every login and logout.
Data from one company is not copied to the other, so the pilot will have to update personal details and create licences and certificates on all the company accounts separately.
The feature is designed to avoid the need to have different email addresses for each company a pilot could be involved in.
Once logged in to a company, the user can switch beetwen companies by clicking on the company name on the navigation bar.
Choose which company you want to login to

Email validation

Company management accounts need to have an email address. FI, pilot or mechanic accounts do not have this requirement.
When a new email is entered for a new or an existing user, the system requires the email address to be confirmed.The confirmation is process is the same used in the sign up process. Just click on the received email with a confirmation link.
Only confirmed email addresses will be able to login and receive email alerts from Flylogs.

Email bounces and complaints

If an email address bounces an email, the associated user account will be automatically set back to NOT CONFIRMED. If an account is marked as NOT CONFIRMED, the user must confirm the email address again the next time the user tries to log in. In the meantime, Flylogs will stop to send email notifications and alerts to that email address.
If the bounces persist, the email address will be completely removed from FLYLOGS, leaving the account without email address, and as a result, without option to log in.
If we receive a complaint for a given email address, Flylogs will automatically remove all notification options for that user account to avoid sending any non-essential emails to that email address. Login option for that email address will remain enabled.
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