Self scheduling

Pilot self scheduling for clubs and small schools

Flylogs enables you to establish automated scheduling with specific restrictions for your pilots. You have the flexibility to determine who can utilize the auto-scheduling feature, which aircraft can be assigned, and additional conditions such as minimum booking time and the requirement for a Flight Instructor.

Initial setup

Within your company settings page, you'll discover the general Schedule settings. Here, you can configure settings that will be applicable to all schedules and users. You have the option to specify the time frame before a flight during which pilots can cancel a schedule. Additionally, there are checkboxes that allow you to decide whether you require both the PIC (Pilot-in-Command) and SIC (Second-in-Command) to confirm the scheduled flight.

Remember that self scheduling has to be enabled on each aircraft!

You have the flexibility to decide whether you want to restrict night-time reservations or prevent pilots with insufficient billing credit. Furthermore, you can set the maximum number of reservations per day and define minimum and maximum slot times as well.

Aircraft setup for Self Scheduling

You need to activate self scheduling on each aircraft.

On the aircraft settings page, you will find the Enable Self-Scheduling option along with the option to limit which pilots can fly this particular plane.

On the same aircraft edit page you can find the Qualified pilots list, where you can select which pilots are able to self-schedule on the aircraft. If no pilots are entered, the system understands that any pilot can fly the aircraft as PIC.

Flight self-booking for pilots

As a pilot, on my dashboard, I can find a Schedule a flight box, see below:

When accesing the scheduling tool, the pilot will be able to see all aircraft for which he or she is authorized as PIC to rent. The calendar displays other flights blocking the calendar slots and the pilot only has to click and drag on the desired time slot.

Once the pilot clicks and holds on a time slot, the system will automatically pop up the booking confirmation window that you can see in the following screenshot:

The self-booking modal shown above behaves differently based on the pilot profile making the appointment. Students are required to select a PIC, while pilots, flight instructors, and those with higher ranks have the option to choose themselves as PIC or leave the field empty.

After the pilot clicks the "Book this Slot" button, the system locks the slot and sends a notification to the selected PIC, requesting confirmation. Once the PIC confirms the flight, the SIC will no longer be able to modify the booking.

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