Publishing multiple schedule records

Flylogs schedule records have varying statuses. By default, when you create a new schedule record, it will be set to "Scheduled" but remain unpublished. Only you and other company managers will have access to the schedule records you've just created and not published.

This default behavior is designed for complex schedules where multiple changes may occur to each record before the final schedule is ready. You have the option to control this behavior when creating each schedule record by enabling or disabling the "Publish Immediately" checkbox in the schedule record editing window. By default, for new records, this option will be unchecked.

If you create a complete schedule without publishing each record at the moment of creation, you will end up with a large number of scheduled flight records that remain unpublished. Consequently, only you and company managers will have visibility of them.

The unpublished scheduled flights will appear in your schedule review window with a crossed eye indication in black background.

Publish multiple records at once

To publish multiple scheduled records just click on the "Publish schedule to pilots" button on the top right corner of the schedules review page.

Once clicked on the button the following window will pop:

On this window, you can simply select the date range to publish and the flight schedule records you want to notify.

Once published, the pilots will be notified withing the Flylogs messaging system and they will receive a browser push notification. If after no more than 2 hours, the notifications remain unread, an email alert will be sent to the pilot. Read more about these notifications in Schedule notifications

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