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Training basics

Flylogs Training offers an evolving, low-effort online training management tool that directly competes with any existing industry-standard tools.
Our Trainings system is focused on pilot training and provides only the necessary tools in a direct and accessible way. It is included with Flylogs Premium subscription at no additional cost and allows you to have as many courses as you need. Additionally, there is no limit in the amount of students.
Trainings management main page

Training types

Flylogs has 3 types of trainings you can create.
  • Onsite training Allows you and teachers to keep track of lessons, including class contents, attendance and exam results. Lessons are in physical locations that can be reserved.
  • Remote training Allows you and teachers to keep track of lessons, including class contents, attendance and exam results. Lessons are face to face online.
  • Distance learning Students use online content and self assessment tools to study and complete each lesson in their own time. You can assign a supervisor that will support the student in their Distance Learning. The time each student spends studying will be tracked.

Training templates

When you click the CREATE NEW TRAINING BUTTON, a wizard window will open asking you for the basic information about the course.
Create a new training window
You can create a brand new training, copy an existing one, or use one of the available templates.
Flylogs offers pre built templates for the EASA PPL and ATPL programs. This templates come directly from the published training requirements and learning objectives existing in the respective EASA-FCL parts.

Training reports

These are the reports you will have for each one of your trainings:
  • Students report This report displays all students for each one of your training courses. It includes basic student info, training progress, attendance %, flight training progress and last flight date.
  • Training Audit This page is similar to the Student report, but it is more focused into the ground school, including subject results and attendance records of all exams and lessons for each one of the students.
  • Teachers report The teachers report displays the amount of lessons and time spent by each teacher for a given training and date range.
  • Analytics This last page in the trainings tab, shows the amount of students that are still enrolled in the training and the phase of flight they are in. It also ranks the most repeated and failed flight missions in beautiful charts. This gives you an insight to understand and improve the training on those missions that your students find the hardest.
Trainings Analytics
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