Pilot availability records

Receive directly into Flylogs your pilots availability

My availability tool allows your pilots to store their flight availability records on Flylogs so you can schedule flights according to this information.

The tool is available for any pilot or company user with pilot functions enabled and can be accessed from the pilot dashboard using any desktop computer or smartphone browser.

Access to the tool

You will find a button to publish your flight availability both in your pilot dashboard (home page) and in the Schedules section.

Every pilot has 2 main options in their availability management page:

  • An option to enable the ALWAYS AVAILABLE option.

  • A big text box to input any comments for the roster manager

  • A big calendar, that will be enabled if the ALWAYS AVAILABLE is not checked. This is the calendar that just by click and dragging, the pilot can mark the availability for any future dates.

Availability slots can be more than 24 hours long, so the pilot can easily mark 1 hours, or full days as available.


You can click on the 10am of the Monday, and drag the mouse to the Thursday 5pm creating a single slot of availability.

The system allows to mark my self as I am always available or choose the desired time frames with 30 minute accuracy. Additionally, just underneath the I am always available option, the pilot can enter some comments for the Roster Manager.

How to enter custom time frames

To be able to select customized time frames, first disable the I am always available option. You will notice how all the green chunks disappear and you can click on the calendar.

If you are using a touch device (tablet or a smartphone), note that you need to tap and hold on the desired time, then drag to the desired finish time and release.

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