Document & Certificates

Document library and alerting system

Flylogs offers a feature called "My Certificates" which is a system to track and remind users about their important documents and certificates. This system is part of the Pilot Documentation Control System (PDCS) and it is available on each user's personal details edit page.

Using "My Certificates", users can create various types of documents, attach files, and set deadlines for expiration.

Flylogs will send automatic expiration warnings, both to the user and the company managers.

Automatic Alerting

Flylogs will mark highlight documents in orange and will start sending automatic alerts to the user's email address when the document's expiration date approaches. The alert threshold is different depending on the type of doc:

  • Ratings and licences; 90 days.

  • Medical certificates: 45 days.

  • IDs; 180 days.

  • Passports; 365 days.

When this thresholds for expiration are reached, the document is highlighted in orange and reminder emails are sent to the user once a month or every 15 days if the expiration is within 45 days.

Manager alert and audit tools

Company managers have an overall view of all documents and upcoming expirations. On top of that, company administrators can activate extra settings in the company settings to block users without the proper licence/rating/medical from flight schedules.

Pilot audit tool

All company managers have access to the pilot audit tool which allows a quick view of all pilot certificates and training courses.

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