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Safety Reports

Receive reports directly from any crew member
Flylogs SMS, is an integrated Safety Management System based on the ICAO recommendations fully compliant with the ICAO Doc 9859. It allows to receive safety events directly in your Flylogs account linked with all the relevant information like flight crew, aircraft, maintenance, flight crew, trainings, duty times, etc.
Any member of your organization has the ability to access the Safety Reporting System and create a new report.
These reports can be specifically related to a flight, or not, allowing any of your users to inform about more other types of risks.
The safety manager and other company managers can see the whole list of events and access to the statistics. They can also request third parties to complete a report on an existing event, giving you more information of the a single event.
Related events will appear grouped together and will share some common details like date, location, type of event, etc.

Flight safety reports

Each report can be associated to a flight. If it is, the flight information will be displayed on the top part of the report, along with the crew names and user types.
All other report information is displayed below and only the safety manager or other, higher level managers can edit or delete the stored information.
Additionally, the person writing the report or any manager can comment on the report and upload files as needed that will be attached to the existing report.

Report status

A report has 5 possible status in which can be.
  • New. Default status when the report is created.
  • Reviewed. Initial review performed, waiting for more details or further processing.
  • Closed. Report is closed and no further actions are expected.
  • Deleted. Useful for test reports.
  • Published. The report is closed and published to all members in the organization.

Published Reports

Published SMS reports are public to all members of your organization. This enables that every body learns from the findings of a report, which is the final goal of the Safety System.
All members can see all published reports, and a summary of them are also available on the aircraft page. Each aicraft, has a summary of SMS reports in which it has been involved.
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